Welcome to the War on Terror Headquarters, where we say what world governments are too gutless to say or do, because they're scared of nasty words from left-wing politically-correct slime-bags.

Islam. There. Said it.

Blacks. There. Said it.

The Australian government decided to hold an "Inquiry" to make it look like they were doing something about terrorism. All they really intended to do was cover their asses. "Oh, we have no idea what is causing all this terrorism - couldn't possibly be the fucking Quran or anything like that". You can see the result here. They are using their near-monopoly on information to control the "debate" to remain within communist talking-points rather than expose their pathetic worldviews to the free marketplace of ideas.

I was happy to take them at their word, that they were interested in public submissions, but not things that had already been published, so I sent them fresh material, and refrained from publishing it. Now that I have had written correspondence from them that they have no interest in debate or even just publishing my material without comment, I am publishing it all, plus rebuttals to all their pathetic and ineffectual policies/ideas,


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