The Australian Liberation Front (ALF) has been instituted to create a registered Australian party to compete at Australian elections. It will be focussed purely on liberating others, e.g. the Syrian people. To join, please go the Facebook group to join, and then send an email to Paul Edwards with the address you have registered at the Australian Electoral Commission. When we have 500 members we can officially register the party. Note that I need the following details emailed to me, because I need to verify enrolment. They are surname, given names, street name, postcode and suburb.

The plan is to get the balance of power in parliament, and then reorganize Australia's military. Instead of being called the Australian Defence Force it will be called the Australian Liberation Force. Members of the military, if they wish to remain in the military, will need to swear an oath to defend and expand the entire free world, not just Australia. Australian territorial defence will be completely abandoned (just as Iceland has no military). We will instead rely on the ANZUS and NATO (as Iceland) to eliminate any small theoretical threat to Australia. The defence budget won't be increased, which means we can't afford an aircraft carrier, so will need to rely on the existence of a cooperative nearby country (like Italy for Libya, Kuwait for Iraq, hopefully Turkey for Syria). If Syria is still a dictatorship when the ALF has the balance of power, then an attempt will be made, as appropriate, to liberate Syria, even if it is quiet at the time. Gurkhas may be used to either make up for personnel shortfall or to save costs. It won't just be Syria though. Dictatorships like Laos that get zero airtime will also be in the firing line. Liberations will be consistent with geostrategy and under the threshold of nuclear war.

Note that the fact that Australia actually has a Carbon Tax, ie carbon dioxide is considered important, yet the freedom of millions of Syrians is not considered important, shows that the Australian government's priorities are seriously wrong and morally bankrupt. While the ALF is against adopting controversial positions that could jeapordize the main mission of liberation, there is also a tentative plan to introduce the boxing kangaroo as Australia's official flag and Men at Work "Down Under" as the national anthem, both subject to referendum.