1. Introduction
2. Respect For Mind
3. Pillars
4. Golden Rule
5. Fight Subjugation
6. Empathy For Strangers
8. Equality Of Humans
9. Loyalty
10. Respect For Life
11. Trust
12. Responsibility
13. Love
14. Sex
15. Marriage
16. Contraception
17. Praise
18. Housework
19. Power
20. Jihad
21. Government
22. Charity
23. Sleep
24. Smoking
25. Metric
26. Dates

27. Language
28. Driving
29. UN
30. Prisons
31. Drugs
32. Tolerance
33. Evolution
34. Fear
35. Chimpanzees
36. NATO
37. World Peace
38. War
39. Christianity
40. Suicide
41. Prostitution
42. Pornography
43. Caliphate
44. Holy Books
45. Food
46. Prayer
47. Ramadan
48. Grand Unifying Theory
49. Audience
50. Further Discussion
51. Disclaimer
52. Executive Summary


Before saying anything else, let's be very clear. If you enslave someone, you will be sent to Hell. If you rape someone, you will be sent to Hell. Quibbling/pretending to not know what slavery/rape is will not get you out of going to Hell. Excuses like "she seemed to enjoy it" or "her dress made it look like she wanted it" or "I was doing her a favor" or any other excuse you can come up with, will not work - you will go to Hell. Believing Jesus Christ has absolved you of your sins will not work either. Claiming to be a Muslim will not help too. Claiming that Mohammad used to enslave and rape will also not help. You will go to Hell regardless. Also there is no exception for slaves/victims of a particular race/religion/nationality/age or any other attribute. Anyone who enslaves/rapes anyone at all, will go to Hell. Also you will not be allowed to quote Leviticus 25:44 in the bible as permission to enslave others. You will go to Hell regardless of what the bible says. In fact, if you wish to call yourself a Christian you should work towards rewriting Leviticus 25:44 so that it says "slavery is wrong wrong wrong". If you have your own copy of the bible you should use a black pen to erase the current writing, then use liquid paper so that you can write the replacement verse. You should also contact the printer and ask them to stop printing such horror in case someone reads it and follows it, like happened here. Muslims who wish to call themselves Muslims have a similar obligation to replace 33:50 which allows sex with slaves to say "slavery and rape are wrong, wrong, wrong". Failure of Christians and Muslims to correct these horrors to the best of their ability will have as a consequence that they will be unable to enter Heaven. If Christians/Muslims simply convert to a religion (e.g. Buddhism, Deism, Atheism) that has no such holy book full of horrors, they will be allowed into Heaven. Other human rights abuses (ie besides slavery and rape) also jeopardise your ability to enter Heaven.

The war in Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) was viewed by some as a clash between Muslims and Christians, or as a clash between the Iraqi nation state and a coalition of other nation states. But the best way to view the clash was between subjugators and anti-subjugators. Or non-humanists vs humanists. Or dogma vs science. This document makes the case that True Islam is anti-dogma, humanist and anti-subjugation, and if this sect of Islam is adopted by Muslims, it will avoid a genuine Muslim vs Christian clash at a future date. The basic problem is that with the end of colonialism, all that happened was one subjugator was replaced by another subjugator, with no safeguards in place to make sure that the government was benign. This document is also designed to reduce the prison population in western countries by creating a good environment for children to be raised in. This document is all scientifically-derived - there is no need for revelation or reliance on other texts. No holy book (ie Quran, Bible etc) is considered inerrant - including this text. Nor is any person (Jesus, Mohammad, myself) considered to be infallible.


It was the Mu'tazilah or Mo'atazilla (one of 73 sects of Islam, of the Haroriya Group) who first suggested that the mind should be used above the writings of others, even the writing of the various prophets. Although Mohammed was a prophet, the Koran should be treated as a start, not the end. E.g. it teaches how to deal with slaves (e.g. 33:50 and 4:24), when we now know that slavery should be abolished. The Christian Bible has similar cruelty in it, e.g. Luke 19:27. Thus it is clear that we should use our brains, not as prophets, but as scientists, to figure out what modern standards of behavior should be. Without realising it, the Mu'tazilah had just invented rationalism (science, evidence and logic), long before Christianity finally figured out the need for separation of church and state to stop the endless religious persecution that was holding back the advance of science. Unfortunately the Mu'tazilah did not have sufficient support for their sect to become dominant in Islam, which is what ended up allowing Christian dominance, as the Christians learned how to put science in pride of place and especially how to apply science to warfare. It is now necessary to revive the Mu'tazilah to determine which of the various competitors for "True Islam" is indeed the most worthy of the name.

First it is necessary to determine the best way to judge a religion. The main purpose of all religions is to create peaceful societies rather than having everyone selfishly squabbling for resources. There should be a more cooperative effort involved to improve the living standard of everyone, while still protecting the weak from living in constant fear. If we take "absence of fear, even among the weak" as an objective test of religion, then we can see most of this cooperation happened first under Sufism and later Christianity used science to increase food production to such high levels that now no-one need fear starving to death. In addition, the Christians have adopted a form of government called "liberal democracy" which provides a quite cooperative society, although it is being implemented via rule of law (science-based) rather than religion, which is the hard way to achieve the same ends and ends up punishing offenders by putting them in jail and making people fear the law, instead of the religious way of doing things which is to make people want to please God rather than resorting to fear of man's laws. On the other hand, mainstream Islam has not fared much better, with the dominant sects (Sunni and Shia) devoting all their effort to procedural matters (e.g. how many times to pray per day, what sort of head covering is required) instead of concentrating on behavioral changes such as "do not steal" which are what are required to create the cooperative societies envisaged by all the prophets. Also, Muslims are not reading the Christian bible at all, when they should be reading both the New Testament of the Holy Bible which teaches pacifism (for use within a tribe) and the Holy Koran (which explains that we should be engaged in a permanent external war until everyone has adopted the same religion, otherwise we will never end the religious wars).

So using our brains, let us sift through the past history and find out which aspects of which religions have fared the best. The first thing to do is to look at evolution that science discovered for us and notice some characteristics about the natural state of humans, a bit like the natural state of chimpanzees:

1. The strong naturally subjugate (control/enslave/make submissive/bully/dominate) the weak. This comes from a subjugate-or-be-subjugated natural instinct and this same instinct is what causes rapists to rape.

2. The weak naturally accept subjugation in return for protection.

3. It is natural to be tribal/racist in an effort to gain protection by drawing attention to one's own characteristics.

4. Humans are naturally selfish.

5. Humans signify pleasure with an action by smiling, which is the objective test of whether we are doing something good to that person. Conversely, frowns, crying or fear signify when we are doing something bad to that person.

6. The tribal leader, whose genes we inherited, would have selfishly hoarded women (which is why we are all descended from him) and would have proved his power by having an orgy of sex, including things like making two women sleep together (hence the current demand for lesbian pornography). We need to totally understand the nature of primitive man, which isn't pretty, in order to counteract the genes via conditioning, or else pander to them (e.g. with legalized pornography).

7. We are natural predators, and we get a thrill from hunting and killing prey, including human prey. Just like our chimpanzee cousins do.

These natural human characteristics have proven suboptimal for the cooperative societies that have enjoyed dominance in the field of human endeavour. E.g. the racism that allowed slavery to exist turned out to be completely counterproductive from a purely economic perspective (nevermind morally!) as science discovered that under a capitalist system, people will work hard simply for food and shelter, there is no need for the expense of security to keep slaves under lock and key. So the purpose of religion then is to counter the natural tendencies in humans in order to create productive and happy societies. Sadly, all religions in the world appear to be falling down in countering natural human behavior with alternative behavior. The writing that you find here is designed to outline the key behavioral changes which are required to produce a cooperative society. However, the very first thing is to respect the brain, or to put it another way - FIGHT DOGMA. Therefore, this writing is self-annihilating. You should not treat this writing as sacrosanct, you should instead question it and write your own version, only using this as a "rough guide" or a "starting point". This is what the Mu'tazilah would have wanted, and this writing is a continuation of what they said.

"There will come a time for my people when there will remain nothing of the Qur'an except its outward form and nothing of Islam except its name and they will call themselves by this name even though they are the people furthest from it. The mosques will be full of people but they will be empty of right guidance. The religious leaders of that day will be the most evil religious leaders under the heavens; sedition and dissension will go out from them and to them will it return.'" -Kanz il-Amal number 766


The three pillars of Islam are "the golden rule" (do unto others as you would have others do unto you), "fight subjugation" and "empathy for strangers". This is implied by verse 2:62 which states that good behavior will allow a person entrance to Heaven, regardless of their stated religion. We should have belief/faith that God is benevolent, not vindictive and that he loves all his children and that he just wants us to be nice to each other by following these rules. Moses gave us the concept of needing some rules to live by (the 10 commandments). Jesus gave us the concept of needing to love thy enemy. Mohammed gave us the concept of needing a fighting arm to spread the ideology (jihad). Mu'tazilah ties them all together using science.


Mohammed repeated what many before him said, that we should do unto others as we would have others do unto us. This is called the "Golden Rule". If we think about what other people want (preferably by simply asking them what they want), we can find out what will make them happy (ie put a smile on their face, in the same way that chimpanzees communicate pleasure with the actions of others). This Golden Rule is the basis for all other things like "do not steal" and "do not rape" which are actually enshrined in law in every country of the world. True Islam has ALREADY spread all over the world, if only we could open our eyes and see it. The main problem has been failure to implement the rule of law. E.g. although it was obstensibly illegal to rape in Saddam's Iraq, the fact is that Saddam actually hired professional rapists! Also, just as we would not want to be subjugated ourselves, we should not subjugate others. And Mohammed specifically said "None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself."


Mohammed said that we should submit totally to God. We should not be submitting to the rule of a man, regardless whether that man is our father, our brother or our president. This is what has caused the degeneration of Arab countries - waiting for a man to come to save the day. God sent Mohammed to save the day!!! There are no further prophets, so expecting a petty tyrant like Saddam Hussein to come to the rescue of the Arabs is a forlorn hope. It is time to return to the basics of what God wants. And what God wants is for us to submit to His will and His will alone, not to worship false prophets like Saddam. Therefore, all effort should be spent to fight against any attempt by Saddam (or your father) to subjugate any people (including your sister). It is only in an environment where everyone (including women and children) is free of subjugation by another human that we are truly free to submit of our own free will to the will of Allah. It is a big mistake to force or indoctrinate people to a particular religion, especially using fear of God as a threat. That is why Mohammed correctly said "there is no compulsion in religion". Note that it is a natural tendency for the strong to subjugate the weak, so we should not be surprised that religion is required to overcome this natural behavior. Also note that the weak normally need to accept subjugation in order that the strong will protect them from other foes, so it is perfectly natural for people to think it is normal to be subjugated by the powerful and not understand the need to fight this subjugation and instead seek protection in the rule of law. Therefore, it is the duty of every individual to protect the weak, to prevent them from being subjugated by the strong. Note that although the Queen of England technically rules Australia, she does not subjugate the Australians. Both she and the Australians know this, although people from various Republics do not realise this. Saddam, from a Republic was a subjugator, while the Queen is a figurehead non-subjugator. Children should be taught to have a balanced view of all issues instead of being dogmatically told that there is only one correct way to think. We need to SUBJUGATE SUBJUGATORS and we also need to PREY ON PREDATORS. Preying on predators means supporting police efforts to catch rapists and serial killers. And if this lesson is taught to children, it is likely that they will not be serial killers in the first place.

However, having said all that, as the Prophet Jesus (especially) said, we should "love thy enemy". What that means is that you should treat your enemy as if he were a lion, and you are a human with a gun. The lion is a beautiful animal, just like your enemy is. Unfortunately the lion doesn't have the same intelligence you have, and will attack you, not realising the extreme danger it is in. Remember, humans naturally subjugate, so you should not be angry at your enemy for behaving exactly like a lion. So, even though you can defeat the lion, it is much better if you run away and avoid the conflict altogether. Take sanctuary in a tree. However, if you are forced to fight, then use the minimum amount of force required to subdue your enemy - the same care you would take to preserve a beautiful but confused lion. Release the lion when he is no longer a danger. Try to be tolerant of your enemy. If he does just a small amount of harm to you, do not escalate the problem. Simply do as the Prophet Jesus said, which is "turn the other cheek". Jesus was so tolerant that he died without fighting back. That is the example to live up to. However, the situation changes when someone is violating the human rights of OTHERS. You should have no tolerance of that, and rush to protect them. The rights of the victim outweigh your love of the lion. Again, minimum force required to solve the problem. But it is crucial that you never allow yourself to be subjugated by a non-humanist power. If you ever become subjugated by them, you will be forced to work for the enemy, and will be party to more human rights violations. E.g. Poland is a natural ally of the free world, but after being enslaved by the Nazis and then the Communists, they were forced to work for the enemy. It is imperative that this situation be avoided. An excellent example of restraint, people being good Muslims, was during Operation Iraqi Freedom, when the US troops arrived in Najaf. Some unarmed Iraqis were extremely angry and threatening to attack heavily-armed US soldiers. The US soldiers kneeled down, then retreated. They didn't want to kill some beautiful Iraqi people who were apparently extremely confused about something. The solution to that problem was retreat, and deal with the apparent psychological problem later. The US forces retreating was one of the most beautiful scenes anyone could wish to see. These are the true Muslims. Also, don't let God subjugate you. Power needs to be constrained. Also, the strong have an obligation to protect the weak, and especially protect women.


If we learn to have empathy for Saddam's victims (regardless of race, religion or sex), then we will introduce the required behavioral changes where everyone is nice and polite to strangers. Empathy is being able to put yourself into another person's shoes and feel their suffering as if it were happening to you. Being able to look at things from another person's point of view. Respect for strangers. Being a "good host" even to strangers. THIS was the "Land of Umma" that Mohammed envisaged, and we should return to the original goal to reassess. Note that it is a natural tendency for humans to be selfish and to attempt to profit at the expense of strangers. So it is not surprising that religion is required to reverse this effect to create a society based on cooperation. Note that a cooperative society based on the rule of law is something quite different from a natural "tribe" structure. Therefore, it is the duty of every individual to try to put a smile on as many faces as possible, without making anyone else cry. We need to have the ability to stand in other people's shoes and feel what they feel (empathy). A corrolary of this rule is that you should also have TOLERANCE for the DIFFERENT.


To be considered a follower of Mu'tazilah, all you need to do is follow the three pillars. It is not necessary to agree with every point in this document. As such, there are many people in the world who are already followers and just don't know it. When everyone in the world is a follower we will have world freedom and world peace. If you believe extra things should be done, e.g. praying five times per day, that is fine, but you should not consider anyone who doesn't do this to be less than you, so long as they follow the three pillars. It would be good if people could introduce themselves here so that we can keep track of the growing community of recognized followers.


Another thing that religion needs to do is to teach children that all people are equal regardless of race, religion, sex, social status and especially nationality (hint to the Americans). God loves all his children and they are all special, because God doesn't make mistakes when he creates us as individuals. He creates a variety of different people to make life interesting for us and so that we can distinguish each other. The official flag of Mu'tazilah is the NATO emblem. Fly it proudly, no matter what country you happen to be born in, and regardless of whether that country is a member of NATO. Fly it above your nominal country's flag. Countries are artificial constructs. The NATO flag has meaning.


The tribal loyalties that are required in True Islam are first to your own brain, then to science, then to humanists, then to anti-subjugators and then to humans.


all life forms have their own feelings and we should not take the life of a non-human if there is no benefit to us and we should do our best to reduce the amount of fear and pain experienced by the other life forms.


Knowing basic instincts of humans and how they were brought up, it should be possible to predict how people react in society. It is thus society's job to ensure that every human has been psychoanalyzed so that the correct teachings have been imparted so that people do not wind up in jail. If someone hasn't been taught empathy and to fight subjugation, it is society's fault if that person ends up in jail. This is why western jails are overflowing and no-one seems to be investigating the root cause of the problem.

Who should you trust? You should trust people who realise the dangers of people having absolute power, and actively seek ways to ensure that there are constraints on their own power. AFTER the rest of the world has been liberated, the US should seek to create a workable UN where there are constraints on US power. You should trust people who share the same rational, humanist, anti-subjugating ideology that is documented here.


We are products of our environment and our genetic makeup at conception. Actions that can be considered bad or evil are the result of either insufficient taming of lions (or selfish humans as the case may be) and the humans are resorting to their natural selfish selves, in which case personal responsibility needs to be taken, or it can be the result of faulty logic in which case it should be considered an accident, or it is the result of a genetic defect which can be considered an accident as well. Thus it is necessary to forgive others and instead work on fixing the environment, to ensure that everyone is taught about True Islam. This also means that everyone can make a case that they should be allowed into Heaven and get eternal life. However, some people are simply not wanted, and just need to be extinguished at the end of their life. Not sent to eternal Hellfire, as it is not their fault that they are like that. But we're not going to create a nice place by allowing in those who refuse to reform. The most important message that Mohammed gave us is what we are GENETICALLY prone to do. We are all born as subjugators, rapists, pedophiles (Mohammed was attracted to a six-year-old girl and eventually had sex with her when she was 9 years old) and have no qualms about killing people in an out-group. He showed us the natural, unblemished state of man, so that we could learn from him. This neatly complements the teaching of Jesus.

13. LOVE

A woman is after a strong male for protection. Physical strength, mental strength and financial strength are attractions. It is natural to be jealous of competition (splitting resources). A man needs to allay these fears. Empathy for unrelated strangers for no personal benefit is a precursor for love. The next level of love is when this is applied to an individual. The level above that is providing a guarantee that the protection will be provided for eternity, EVEN IF the woman is incapacitated or otherwise unable to provide further benefit to the man. And another level is a guarantee that the resources to be provided will not be split to be given to another woman. As well as protection, normal empathy for the woman's feelings must be provided. Yep, those longwinded stories about some aunt who did something-or-other need to continue to be endured. The woman is after someone to listen to it to relieve her frustrations, not necessarily because she wants a problem to be solved. However, men with good ideas who can solve problems are a definite boon. There is no attempt to control a harem of men from the woman's side, since women are only after protection, not subjugation. They can only have one baby at a time after all. However, if the male does not provide enough things that she is looking for, she would naturally seek protection elsewhere. But love is not all that is required. In a marriage, self-centeredness or both partners being pessimistic, will likely cause problems in the long term. Watching your partner react to the environment is no fun when your partner is an exact replica of your own pessimistic self. Men and women are meant to complement each other, not be identical replacements.

14. SEX

Men are instinctively wanting to subjugate, and to that end, the woman's role is to treat the man as if he were a god, and humour him with a smile. Men naturally want harems so a good wife would be one who is willing to do practically anything. However, the harmony only happens if the man also treats the woman as if she were a goddess. And that means empathy, so the man should never ask for or take something which the woman is unwilling to do. Medical evidence would suggest that the woman has traditionally withheld anal sex in favour of oral sex during her period. If a woman is having periods instead of taking the active contraceptive pills permanently (to stop her period), it's a sign that she wants either oral or anal sex. A simple "I don't want oral sex" during her period means that she wants anal sex. She certainly isn't withholding sex, because that would mean she had no respect for the man's needs. The man should respect this wish. The woman should be willing to swallow once after oral sex to prove that she does think he is a god, but further evidence should not be required. (Note - I've had a number of raised eyebrows about this. The problem is that Islamic websites are issuing fatwas down to this level, the one I saw outlawing the practice, instead of leaving that up to individual choice or imagination. And they are simply making up rubbish instead of at least making an ATTEMPT to think of something based on evolutionary psychology). UPDATE - I've thought of a genetic instinct for this. Whenever women are in power, they get to choose which male to breed with. They can't "trial" a man by getting pregnant and producing a baby, but they can taste men's sperm and decide which one "tastes healthy". A man will be attracted to a woman doing this ritual as it shows that the woman is contemplating choosing him as the father of her child. This is a direct test of his genes for eventual selection as a parent - an actual selection competition, in competition with other men to see who has the best sperm - more than just a willingless to have vaginal sex based on some other factor than what matters most. Sexual compatibility then is finding out whether both parties are able to satisfy the other's "treat-me-as-a-god requirements". Nature provided periods to signify the age of consent. Empathy is the balancing factor that avoids predation of those under the age of consent, although it is perfectly natural to have curiosity about what it is like to have sex with every sort of animal, electrical appliance and pastry, and that includes even babies. Empathy should restrain people so that they do not have sex before people have had the mental changes that come with puberty which allow people to realise the social ramifications of having sex so that they can make an informed choice. Also the physical changes are required from a medical perspective which suggests that puberty is indeed the age of consent, assuming that the other person is able to explain the social risk they are taking and do not expect to have regrets later. Also note that the (centuries old) previous situation where females got married and had children as soon as they hit puberty has a specific thing to note in it - they got married and it wasn't secret. So the psychological factors presumably wouldn't have been an issue. And they would have had family support (ie father vetting the guy). You can't equate this to seducing/deceiving a young girl in secret, bypassing the family protection. If you're willing to go up to the father and say "yeah, so I'm planning on shagging your daughter with her consent - what's it to you, zit-face?" get back to me about rules of engagement. The rule for post-pubescent boys is slightly different. It's more along the lines of "Ok dad, I'm planning on shagging that 18 year old woman - what's it to you, zit-face? And before you ask - she's on the pill, we're using a strong condom (warning - weak condoms sometimes break), and if all that fails we've already agreed to early abortion, and if she changes her mind we have already discussed giving the child out to adoption and we've also discussed if my girlfriend changes her mind and decides to keep the baby, that she has the financial means to support the baby that doesn't involve being a dole bludger, and I'm prepared to marry the bitch when it is legal for me to do so in that event, although like everyone else I retain the right to change my mind and divorce (or never marry) her too. That's no less responsible than any other adult.". Although not sure what to do if the bitch is under 18 and can't create a contract to be responsible for a child. And obviously the boy is trying to weasel out of what would normally be his contractual obligations too. How about registering to have the age of responsibility lowered to the age of consent for anyone wishing to do so? Who else do you expect to take care of your child? But then they would want voting rights too, so we would have all these dipshit children voting for communism and other free shit. Anything to avoid responsibility that involves them having to make sacrifices. But failing to be responsible is a different concept to statutory rape. It shouldn't exist for a post-pubescent boy. Masturbation or any other sex act where no other living thing is involved are perfectly fine according to the Golden Rule, and freedom of thought means that the normal empathy rules do not apply and unconstrained subjugation is acceptable. Beastiality would appear to be unnatural and should thus be avoided. Sex drive only exists in an atmosphere of freedom. Sex drive will disappear if one party feels obliged to have sex for artificial reasons. God will see to that. God will also fix the problem of us needing to diet. All we need to concentrate on is protecting women. Women are attracted to breasts as babies so lesbians are probably natural. Male homosexuality is probably inspired by empathy and subjugation, although once again it would appear that oral sex is preferable over anal sex.


Marriage is no time to wait to find out if two people are sexually compatible. In order to make marriage meaningful, it should only be taken up after sufficient time, maybe 2 years, has passed so that the initial romance has finished and people are spending more time quibbling over housework than walking around starry-eyed. The most important thing in a marriage is to ensure that children grow up in a healthy environment with 2 parents. Eugenics is acceptable if it is used to eliminate people who aren't born with empathy from the human race, or to remove genetic defects or simply to improve the human race. So long as it is done according to science not pseudo-science.

Technically, the number of wives or husbands you can have should be left to a free decision between the parties involved. However, this situation changes if children are involved. Children have a right to be born into a normal family with 2 loving parents. Girls get psychological problems if they are raised in a family with more than 1 wife. Society needs to protect children from irresponsible parents. Laws restricting marriage between a single couple is probably appropriate. If adults want to have informal arrangements and use contraception, I guess they can do whatever they want. When women are living in groups, their menstrual cycles become synchronized, meaning they are fertile at the same time. This is an attempt by nature to force the male to choose a single mate, so that the child has the best chance of survival.

The dowry system was a way of formalizing another thing. When you marry a woman you also have some responsibility to look after your mother-in-law. The dowry is one way of ensuring the man is making a sacrifice in advance of the marriage. Ideally it is done in a way that the man has made a non-refundable commitment if it is a situation where the woman is in bad economic circumstances. That way the shoe goes onto the other foot. It is the man who stands to make an economic loss if he doesn't wind up with the girl. This has the effect of increasing the value of the girl and making the man extremely keen to see the marriage successful. The attraction is for this particular girl - an attraction to her looks and voice - even a supermodel cannot compete with her.

Both men and women may marry to people of all other religions, or atheists, since Mu'tazilites are not religious bigots. The children should not be indoctrinated with either religion, and should freely choose their religion as they get older.


Nature's foolproof contraception is for males to have sex with women who are in menopause. However, modern technology allows the age of pregnancy-free sex to be lowered. Using contraception does not violate the Golden Rule, so is acceptable.


A crucial feedback mechanism is required so that a person thinks he is a god unto himself. This is documented in "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and SINCERE praise needs to be given and received in order to have a harmonious society. Concentrate on the good things that people do instead of rehashing the negative. Also, you should be concentrating on achieving an end goal rather than getting credit for it.


In order for the checks and balances in a relationship to work out, one partner can't be responsible for being the sole breadwinner, domestic duties handler and paperwork handler. There needs to be some division of duties that is mutually acceptable.


A man is looking to wield power. Power will determine how many children he gets. Power comes by attracting a herd of followers. And a large herd attracts yet more followers who respect the wielded power. So for a man to be successful, he must be satisfied that he is powerful, because everyone says so. The job of the wife then is to just make him think that he's the bees knees. And the job of society is to placate the man to think that too. The winning combination has been to make men think that the sign of success is to be powerful by studying hard, working hard, and then giving all your money to charity because you're a humanist. This also has the effect of placating lower-income earners, because even if they were rich, they would be "required" to give all their money away to charity anyway, so technically they would be in the same position. Simply by not donating to charity, they can have what they want. The important thing is to instill a requirement to give to strangers rather than to take. It is when you TAKE that wars start. So long as you have an inherent desire to give $1 per year to charity to make it look like you're a nice guy as per societal requirements, you can satisfy your natural selfishness and your power requirements at the same time, and you won't become a thief. All power, including God's power, needs to be constrained.


There will not be true peace on earth until such time as everyone has been converted to True Islam (or its Christian equivalent, or Hindu equivalent, or atheist equivalent et al). Thus it is every Muslim's duty to pledge allegiance to use their brain to fight subjugation of their species. Here is an example of the forces of freedom (Australian Lighthorse) backed by Arab Muslim armies. Click here for more information and to signify your pledge. So Dar al-Islam (House of Submission) is for those who submit only to God, not to man. And Dar al-Harb (House of Infidels) is where tyrants are in control and forcing the people to submit to them. Tyrants can not be trusted and this is the House of War. Any subjugator who has power is dangerous and must be eliminated. All True Muslims belong to the tribe of anti-subjugators. The goal is to have our species united so that we can then wage full-scale war against other species that are attacking us (bacteria, viruses), or who may attack us (aliens). Click here to find out the status of the free world.


the most important thing for the government to do is to act rationally. That means using science, evidence and logic when making decisions. The second-most important thing is that the government act in a humanist way, by not allowing a democracy which would seek to make a minority group into slaves. The third-most important thing is that the government should make its citizens feel that they are not being subjugated. Democracy is a method of providing constraints on a leader's power, but there are many different sorts of democracy and allowing uneducated people to influence the government is not necessarily a virtue. These same lessons can be applied to individuals in the way the household is run.

The government should distinguish between immoral and illegal behaviour. There are things that are (or should be) immoral, but should not be illegal. E.g. if a Muslim only cares about other Muslims, and only wants to donate money to other Muslims, this is non-humanist (thus immoral behavior). But it should not be illegal. The money in question is the individual's own money, and he has an absolute right to spend it how he wishes. But it should be socially unacceptable. Communism was an attempt to enforce the moral of charity. Doing so is an absolute violation of the individual's right to enjoy the fruits of his own labor. People have a right to be happy. It should be moral for them to help others, but not a requirement. If Bill Gates wants to hoard his money to himself, that's his choice. Some people are insanely jealous of his wealth and attempt to impose a socialist system. Such attempts are more immoral than the original "sin" and have proven time and again to fall flat on their face.

It so happens that there's nothing wrong with Bill Gates's religion anyway. He already donates much of his wealth to charity, and has stated that he intends to pass almost all of it on to charity rather than his children (as most other people do). Society makes this a socially acceptable practice. But it is not enforced. It violates the principles of freedom to enforce it in law. Capitalism itself is a NATURAL phenomenon. It does not require government intervention. People naturally trade at whatever price they can get for goods, and the market sets prices all on its own. Countries like UK and USA have been successful because they simply ENFORCED CONTRACTS rather than trying to impose morals on society. ie if someone says that they are going to do certain work for you at a certain price, if they fail to fulfill that contract, you can sue them and get government protection. This free capitalist system then allows individual charity. Not forced. Life is not just to serve others. That is slavery.

Another example is adultery. It is clearly non-humanist (thus immoral) behavior. But the response to adultery should be divorce. The government needs to ensure that people are protected and can get divorced whenever they want. But it should not be in the business of punishing adulterers. Especially, stoning them to death is a gross violation of human rights. It is torture and murder.


the most effective way to donate money is into something that will fix an institutional problem of a country so that the resources of a country can be put to more effective use. E.g. you could help Mithal al Alusi's party in Iraq.

But if you prefer helping individuals, then here is an example of where to donate money. Note that most respect should be given to those who help unaffiliated strangers, ie different race, different religion, different country. Personally I prefer to give money to individual bloggers in Afghanistan and Iraq, to pay for their internet expenses so that they can tell the world how happy they are to be free, to encourage the free world to liberate more people.


Nature's way of forcing us to form ordered tribes which require rules is to make us need sleep in order to operate effectively. This causes us to seek out others in order to provide us with protection. And to provide the checks and balances on proper treatment of subjects, if someone is given stressful things during the day, they are unable to sleep at night and thus become less effective. The most efficient rulers were thus benevolent ones. It is also designed to encourage people to not do anything that will cause them to lose sleep over later.


This is definitely haram as it affects other people. There is Nicorette/Nicotrol inhaler and people should use that instead.


It is haram to use the imperial measurement system when there's a decent metric one available.


It is haram to use the American or European date format and instead the ISO date format (YYYY-MM-DD) should be used. It doesn't matter that the year is based roughly on the year Christ was born, as Mohammed recognized Christ as a respected prophet, thus all the teachings of the bible are also relevant.


It is haram to use unnecessary vowels in words such as color as it screws up the ability to do searches. Give it up already.


It is haram to drive on the left hand side of the road, regardless of any local laws to the contrary. All good Muslims drive on the right. Speed limits should be abolished so that it can be tested whether the natural speed adopted by drivers is as good as any artificial speed limit. Also, the penalties for breaking a road rule should not be dependent on the consequences of that action, as that is punishing people for being unlucky. The penalties should be consistent.

29. UN

For the United Nations to be a humane organization, the "right to self-determination" needs to be replaced with the "right to self-determination VIA A REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT". This will allow the UN Security Council to discuss the internal details of various countries. E.g. Saddam employing professional rapists and cutting off people's ears and tongues should have caused his government to become illegitimate.


The prison system must be reformed to teach people how to behave properly as documented here so that prisoners can be released and forgiven if they have reformed and are no danger to the public anymore. We should not treat them worse than lions and tigers.


Recreational drugs should be scientifically analyzed to see if they are safe and they should be made available by the government and sold at cost. Stop the scaremongering about marijuana. We should all be able to see the world as we would like to imagine it.


Be tolerant of others. It is conspiracy theories that make the world go round, so don't get too uptight about people with a particular dogma or other bad habit.


The most likely scenario is that we have indeed evolved, but that God was responsible for overseeing the evolution and creating the genetic changes at conception.

34. FEAR

No-one should ever have to experience fear, and this includes economic fear of not having a job. The goal should be to give everyone a guaranteed minimum income so that there is no economic fear. Capitalism is fine within this limit. Little people need to yell the loudest to be heard and this should be cherished and respected. But not if they are drowning out the screams from the oppressed people of the Middle East etc.


Our role on earth is to provide a comfortable living environment for all the world's residents, and there is a special obligation to chimpanzees since they are so close to us. They should be taught sign language and they should be taught to teach sign language to their children, so that we can learn from each other. We should also endeavour to ensure that crocodiles are well-fed so that they don't need to attack other major life forms. Sharks should not be placed above humans and should be either made extinct or corralled into safe areas, preferably the latter. This is what the sanctity of life is about, not contraception or abortion or mercy killing! Everyone has the right to a dignified life and to not live in fear of being attacked by a shark at the beach. And genetic manipulation is fine too, as it will solve problems like taking the sting out of bees.

36. NATO

The NATO alliance succeeds because its member states are non-subjugators or anti-subjugators. Smaller nations NATURALLY ally for protection, and they can rely on other members because they can see that they are trustworthy because the leaders are a reflection of the non-subjugating nature of the people because of their democracy. Even if member nations are forcibly split, they naturally coalesce. It is not so much an American empire as a non-subjugator empire. America is not required to spend resources to subjugate the members.


Most problems in the world can be solved by simply getting subjugators to stop subjugating. Although there is an additional problem in that there are people such as the insurgents in Iraq who are instinctively reacting to what they perceive to be unconstrained US power. The solution to this problem (ie creating a win/win situation whereby dictators cease dictating in exchange for the US submitting to the UN's will) is pending waiting for the subjugators to stand down first. They also feel humiliated by the US liberation, because they think they should have been able to overthrow Saddam themselves, not realising that with modern weaponry, it is not possible to overthrow your own government if it the security forces are willing to use helicopters to open fire on unarmed civilians. But let's analyze some hot spots. China outwardly appears to be trying to subjugate Taiwan by pointing missiles at it. The solution to this problem is to create a win/win situation where China guarantees to avoid giving the impression of subjugation by giving all naval assets to Taiwan, in return for Taiwan agreeing to remain an autonomous region rather than a separate country. Cyprus can similarly be solved by the Greek side giving all weapons to the Turkish side in return for the Turkish army leaving, so that no-one feels subjugated. And Russian troops in Moldova and Georgia can be replaced by ethnic Russian troops from the Baltics as part of a NATO peacekeeping effort. Syria needs to leave Lebanon and Arafat needs to allow communists, greens etc opposition parties to operate freely. Note - Arafat has died since writing this, and I expect we will now see freedom and peace under Abbas.

The clash between Christianity and Islam can be resolved as follows. The Muslims need to start following this document which is based on behavior and abandon their cult-like obsession with hijab and intense prayer. The Christians should also follow this document, and if they declare themselves to be both Muslim and Christian, it will help resolve the problem. Ecumenism is required as both Christianity and Islam should be wanting the same thing as far as behavior is concerned. What is definite is that we cannot afford to have a situation where Muslims think that putting on a headscarf will allow them entrance to heaven while Christians et al will presumably go to hell. This concept will result in Christians and Muslims putting each other in an out-group and lead to clashes. Although some branches of Christianity (e.g. the Uniting Church) appear to allow everyone into heaven thus there is no out-group. Muslims need to redefine their belief such that everyone is allowed into heaven regardless of who they are or what they do. This includes atheists, Hindus and even terrorists (who are usually brainwashed through no fault of their own). And Christians can help defuse the clash by saying that they think Mohammed was a prophet and they follow this document already and thus they are happy to declare themselves as both Christians and Muslims. This will help prevent the Muslims from feeling rejected by mainstream western society.

38. WAR - War, or force in general, should be used as a tool to stop something worse from happening. A war to end a holocaust, as was happening in Iraq under Saddam, was perfectly acceptable. Saddam was definitely a subjugator and the war should be considered a jihad. Both the means and the ends need to be analyzed and the least worst option chosen. A war for selfish reasons is unacceptable. Deception is acceptable if the purpose is genuinely noble. After defeat, there should not be revenge, as people should be judged on current behavior not past behavior. Punishment should only exist if a threat of same was made beforehand. Mohammed knew that the pacifism in Christianity was only useful for relationships within a particular tribe. That is why he desperately used war in order to ensure the survival of the Islamic religion. Unfortunately, although Islam became quite widespread, followers of Islam stopped following the spirit of the religion (which includes the pacifism of Jesus) and instead concentrated on what was done at times of war, and applied that to within the tribe itself! This is what caused people like Saddam to rule viciously and still claim to be a Muslim. Islam has been perverted.

Before making a major decision like going to war, you should put the Quran first. Putting the Quran first means listening to peaceful music - either the recitation of the Quran or some modern-day equivalent (e.g. soft rock like Kate Bush). Long enough for you to be able to sleep on the problem so that the decision to go to war is cold, hard and calculated using the brain as the ultimate weapon.


Christians should be judged by their behavior. Most Christians already behave in a manner consistant with Mu'tazilah. Both mainstream Christianity and Mu'tazilah allow for all humans to gain entry to heaven. Including polytheists like Hindus and those who believe there is no god (atheists). Even terrorists, who are misguided rather than evil are given entry. These rules are required to ensure that no-one is placed in an "out-group" which is what causes hostility. Although Christians don't generally recognize Mohammed as a prophet, Muslims should recognize that Mohammed acknowledged Jesus as a prophet, and the Christians are thus behaving in a manner that is consistent with what Mohammed wanted. They should therefore be treated as honorary Muslims. If Christians wish to view Jesus as the son of God via a dubious (ie inconsistent with modern science) virgin birth, rather than a prophet as Mohammed did, that is their personal choice. What is more important is that they behave in accordance with what Mohammed wanted. In modern day parlance, the Christians are the ones who are engaged in jihad, spreading Islamic freedom from subjugation in both Afghanistan and Iraq. They are not spreading Christianity by force of arms. They are enabling tolerant Islam to emerge. This is a very important point and why all Muslims should have cause for celebration.


Everyone has the right to live a dignified life. The state should assist those who choose to meet God earlier.


Men have a very basic need to have sex, and prostitutes provide that outlet. No-one should be coerced into becoming a prostitute, there should always be an alternative available. However, those who choose to become prostitutes should be respected as angels/saints, since they are doing a great public service, helping lonely and/or ugly and/or frustrated men. These women are very brave people - probably the bravest people in the world. They also prevent women from enslaving men in marriage. Women can withdraw sex in marriage as a threat, and a man is faced with a terrible choice of forgoing his biological needs with keeping his family intact. Prostitutes allow men to circumvent this threat, so it's no wonder that many selfish, subjugating women oppose prostitution. Good women are instead thankful that there is less chance of them being raped because desperate men are still able to get sex. Men who cheat prostitutes (angels) are amongst the lowest of mankind, and if they're relying on "Jesus died for our sins" to escape punishment, they are in for a rude shock. Fortunately Muslims don't subscribe to such a horrible mindset. Prostitution should be legal and regulated rather than having the spectacle of police cracking down on prostitutes. E.g. the Philippines government is bad, making prostitution illegal, driving prostitution underground and leaving the bravest, most vulnerable Philippines citizens without basic protection of their human rights. Girls are forced to accept whatever men are willing to give, because they can't be upfront about it. These girls need to be compensated for that injustice. The Shia practice of "temporary marriage" is a step in the right direction. Also, in general, people who work in low-paying dirty jobs and react to that as an unfortunate natural phenomenon that is improving over time, instead of voting for communists, are heroes.


It is the epitome of ridiculousness that acts that are legal to DO should be banned for VIEWING. Pornography harms no-one and thus should be legal.


The reason why it is not possible to form a caliphate is that current Muslims are Muslim in name only. Almost all of them simply follow their natural selfish ambitions instead of caring about the wellbeing of strangers, including those from different religions. As such, it is not possible to trust anyone else so there is no critical mass of Muslims willing to trust someone else to lead the Islamic world. It is necessary to reform the practice of Islam before restoring a useful caliphate. This document outlines the required reforms. Only anti-subjugators can really join together as brothers. The current Muslim brotherhood is as elusive as honour amongst thieves - a fairy tale. As such, an attempt is being made to set up a Caliphate consisting of those who have shown signs of honorable intentions.
Gary Morris is the Caliph of Peru.
Abdul Ghafor is the Caliph of Pakistan.
Andrew McDade is the Caliph of Australia.
Beatric Ruth Hendrick is the Caliph of Indonesia.
Corina Toma is the Caliph of Moldova.
Dobromir Dobrev is the Caliph of Bulgaria.
Ana Maria Herrera is the Caliph of Bolivia.
Kais Elourajini is the Caliph of Tunisia.
Yvonne Lim is the Caliph of Malaysia.
Other positions remain open.


Islam was at its most peaceful when the Sufi sect was dominant. However, this pacifism, like the pacifism that Jesus preached, is rendered null and void when up against an enemy without scruples. This is why Mohammed was willing to spread Islam by force. The first common thread we can see in the major religions is that the Golden Rule was touted. Even atheists tend to adopt secular humanism which also revolves around the Golden Rule. No holy book is required in secular humanism, since the rules are all derivable. These are the rules we find in the laws of modern liberal democracies. We could just leave things at that. In fact, if the Golden Rule was universally adopted, we would in fact see the Utopia promised in Heaven.

Indeed, it is possible that we are already in Heaven and just don't realise it. We are the ones who are destroying the sanctity of Heaven. God is reluctant to tell us what to do or to stop us from doing harm, because his relationship to us is the same as our relationship to animals like lions. We recognize them as beautiful animals and don't want to interfere with their own "culture". Besides which, if we knew for sure that God existed, we would not be truly free. God has spent a LOT of effort to hide his existence from us, stepping us through billions of years of evolution, so that we would think that there is no god, no-one above us, no-one controlling us, so that we can be truly free. However, it is important that when we are spreading the Golden Rule, by force of arms, that we remember what the Prophet Jesus said in Matthew 5 verse 44 - LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. Why did Jesus say this? Because your enemies are just like lions. They are just obeying their genes. They are not evil. You should use minimum force to restrain them, and then try to convert them into a friend. This is exactly what the US did after defeating Japan and Germany. Instead of rubbing their noses in the dirt, the US helped them to their feet. And now they are good friends, even if they do have disagreements. You do not need to rely on Jesus's sayings to know to do this. This is derivable by using the brain. We can observe the difference in Germany's behaviour after WWI (where its nose was rubbed in the dirt) and WWII (where it was helped to its feet). The US's safety was ENHANCED by turning an enemy into a friend. So this rule that Jesus gave us is derivable from the brain. No need to rely on the holy books.

Since the prophet Mohammed recognized the prophets before him, True Islam should quote not just from the Koran but also the Christian and Jewish books. The Golden Rule falls short of some people's desire to live in a more mystical world. And this is where Perennial Tradition comes in (in its atheist form), and its religious versions include Judaism (Kabbalah), Esoteric Christianity, Sufi Islam, Zen Buddhism and Taoism. It is this mystical version of Islam, Sufism, that was the glory days of Islam. To those interested in Ecumenism, this is the interpretation of the Koran that needs to be revived. That should then cover the whole world. The mystical version of religion is maintained via Sufism, but we still have our brain above even Sufism, as per Mu'tazilah, as it is important that we don't assume God did something-or-other when the more likely explanation is science-based.

45. FOOD

Pork was originally banned because of the risk of disease from pigs. This risk is long gone, and True Islam allows people to eat whatever they want, although I'd suggest that cannibalism is wrong unless it is required to save the living. Animals should be killed in a humane manner. Making animals slowly bleed to death should be haram. Eating during Ramadan is also permitted, as it does not harm anyone. But there is another factor to consider. There is a rule in computer programming - "be strict in what you generate, but generous in what you will accept". As such, it would be best if Mu'tazilites didn't eat pork (so that they won't be condemned by less enlightened sects of Islam), but make it very clear that they consider pork-eaters to be totally 100% their equal.


Prayer should be used to talk to God to tell him what you are planning on doing to make the world a better place, with respect for other religions and putting more smiles on people's faces. Prayer should not be used to ask God to do things. It is up to us to create the sort of world we want to live in. The prophets have already explained the need to have empathy and the need for jihad. There is no need to pray 5 times per day or carry out any other procedure such as wearing the hijab. Each one of us has a personal relationship with God which we can do in our own time. If you want to impress God you should be nice to his other children. That is far more important to God than the fact that you turn up to a Mosque 5 times per day or follow the Ramadan ritual.

Having said that - getting people to turn up en masse at mosques means that there is a rallying point to overthrow an unjust ruler. That mechanism has been thrown into disarray with modern automatic weapons so other constraints on power (as seen in a typical modern democracy) need to be implemented to replace this rallying point.


There is no need for True Muslims to fast or carry out any other primitive rituals. The test of a good Muslim is not one who carries out rites (whether it be fasting or wearing hijab). The real test is behavioral. Do you as a Muslim seek to end subjugation of others? Do you allow even your children to be brought up in an environment where you don't push your personal views onto them? Do you for example teach your children that there are lots of different religions, and there are even people who believe there is no god, and that when they are older they will need to make up their own mind as to which religion to follow. Are you the sort of person who prays 5 times per day and then goes out and steals and cheats? A good Muslim is one who doesn't steal or cheat, and prays on his own schedule, not someone else's. A good Muslim is one who, using the Golden Rule, doesn't seek to impose his own view of how and when to pray, but allows individuals to choose their own relationship with God. Also, if you really care about hungry people you should be solving root cause rather than squandering scarce resources on treating symptoms.


When God created the universe, it was constructed using "information particles" 13.7 billion years ago. This seems like a long time ago, but with time being relative, it would have been easy to collapse billions of years into a relatively short "God time". The universe is God's equivalent of a fish tank, and he gets enjoyment out of watching his creatures making illogical decisions using their free will. The reason that scientists have not been able to create life from inactive ingredients is because there is a "life force" (ie an object defined in software) which is due to our whole universe being the equivalent of a computer simulation like "The Matrix" or "Sim City" and we are the equivalent of extremely intelligent (logical) Lemmings bumbling about and exploring our environment. When we try to explore our environment, there is a limit to how small detail we can go, with atom smashing. Eventually we reach the level of the "information particle" which it is not possible to detect with equipment, because there is no equipment that can detect it, because it is written in "God's code" and is simply called "info_particle" which is of type "Object" on which God, the programmer, has constructed all other objects which we can disect. He gives things properties (in code) which we can detect using our senses. E.g. we can tell that a rose is red and we can write poetry based on that which God finds interesting. But what he most likes from us is a "Hi God" from us in the form of prayer, the same as a programmer on Earth would like the Lemmings in Sim City to autonomously realise that they are Lemmings and print out a sign to amuse the programmer and show appreciation. God communicates with us by putting what could obstensibly be random thoughts into our heads, but it is ultimately up to us to decide whether or not to act on those thoughts. These thoughts are often implanted during sleep and are the first thing we think of when we wake up.

The world requires checks and balances in order to operate harmoniously, much like "The Butterfly Effect". This creates "strategic ambiguity" and it isn't so much a Zionist conspiracy as a God conspiracy. And you will find that for every harsh judgement you have against someone else, there is an equally damning judgement against yourself to balance it. While most things have an innocent scientific explanation, there are some things, like the creation of the first cell, that most likely have an explanation in God. Artificial intelligence is simply a matter of programming formal logic rules themselves into the computer. The frontiers of knowledge are expanded by repeatedly asking the simple question "why?" to any statement and seeking to correct any seemingly illogical statement. Invention is done by asking "how?" to any problem an attempt is being made to solve.

In order not to spoil the sanctity of the fish tank, God refuses to reveal himself in a manner that is scientifically verifiable. E.g. if you pray for an elimination of the road toll to make God prove his existence, he won't do that, although he may instead choose to reduce the road toll in a manner that can't be proven to not simply be a statistical outlier. This forces the scientists to continue to search for a deep understanding of the true nature of our environment. And if we choose to continue to partake in dangerous activities like driving, then we need to take responsibility for our own actions, so the deaths are our own fault and will be seen to conform to normal statistical repercussions. This is also why it is not possible for everyone to win the lottery, because everyone has that same prayer. There is a limited amount of sympathy for selfish desires like that regardless. Were you planning on giving the money to the poor after winning? Prophets may indeed be real, but they could have just been hallucinating, there is no way to scientifically tell. And they probably make up a lot of things in the absence of further messages from God. There are signs from God, which may be literal signs that are only visible to you, or they could be some strange thing in the environment. Some things are caused by autonomous beings after having been reprogrammed at night during sleep. But the ultimate truth is to have a hunger for knowledge and love, courage to fight subjugation, empathy for strangers and humour in the illogical. This is what True Islam is. Alternatively, True Islam is that every man is a God unto himself, but there needs to be checks and balances on everything, and world peace is a reflection of our own inner peace. This is the ultimate truth. Also, there are two sides to every story, even when you're sure that there is only one. You need to talk to God to get the full picture. Honesty is the best policy. Have faith that Jesus died for our sins. But proof of God's existence denies faith, and there would be no enjoyment for God watching us if everyone was just a slave to God. It is important that we all have our own free will.

So given that this is True Islam, then who are the true Muslims? The simple matter is that those who currently profess to be Muslims are the furthest away from True Islam. True Muslims are the ones who willingly obey the laws in a modern liberal democracy, which are mostly derived from the Golden Rule. The true Islamic states are the ones marked green in this map. Note that the green (democratic) zone is spreading far and wide and creating the democratic zone of peace exactly as the Prophet Mohammed described (and exactly the same as what Sufism produced in its heyday). And rather than blindly following someone else, even a prophet, we should all look deep into our hearts and fight subjugation in our own way. See here for further hypothesis on the computer simulation.

An alternative theory is this. The universe is 15 billion years old. In that timeframe, 1 million years is nothing. Isn't it odd that the time we were born happened to be at exactly the time when computers were invented. Not 1 million years earlier when we would have led a terrible existence. Not 1 million years later when computer technology would be good enough to download our brains on to computer chips and live forever. Even 1000 years either way would have made a massive difference. Instead, we're at the exact point where computers were invented, nuclear bombs were invented, a millenium came up, and we are on the verge of having world freedom. Coincidence? Yes, as coincidental as the universe (a truly massive creation) appearing out of nowhere, and us evolving purely by chance also.

What is more probable is that the "real" date is already a few million years into the future, and we already have the technology to download our brains onto computer chips, and we are in a space ship making a long journey between stars. Sophisticated software is available to allow us to run a "universe simulator". In order to keep himself entertained during the interstellar journey, someone has decided to run this computer simulation we call "life on earth". He likely inserted himself into the game also, so that instead of being a mere observer, he was a participant. So in this situation, who exactly is "God"? The person who wrote the software, the person who chose to run the software, or the "game coordinator"? It is really designed so that no-one is God. Instead, it's a BALANCED SYSTEM. We can only truly be free if we believe that it is POSSIBLE that there is no God to be subservient to. And this is exactly the system that God has created for us. Total freedom. We decide amongst ourselves what is right and wrong.


This document is designed to be attractive to both Muslims and non-Muslims. If Muslims are to adopt this sect, they will have a more flexible religion and a more cooperative society. Non-Muslims who want to help humanity can become Muslims in order to reach out, and tap into, the "Muslim brotherhood". Muslims are tribal on religious lines, unlike Christians. E.g. in the Middle East, they are taught that they are Arab and Muslim, and don't see that they have anything in common with white Christians. Christians are more likely to be tribal on democracies, or anti-subjugators, or nation, or simply humans, depending on how they were brought up. This way a two-pronged approach is being used to cross the Christian/Muslim ideological divide. Muslims can move closer to behaving like Christians, and Christians can move closer to the Muslim world, without having to change anything they are doing already.


This forum is an example of where discussion on the implications of implementing True Islam can take place. It also operates as a fatwa service.


This document is still in draft form, and the intention is to have it sanitized by Anonymous to remove controversial aspects. It is just an attempt to brainstorm what religion should ideally look like. Much more discussion is required. It is possible that the web site on ethics is a better place to get proper rules from, and that secular islam is the place to push for separation of church and state in Islamic societies. Also check here and here for more background info. And check here for some cherry-picking of quotes from the Koran which show the good side of Islam, e.g. 2:62 shows that even non-Muslims go to heaven so long as they behave themselves. And check here for another attempt to revive the Mu'tazilah sect. And check here for background information on the Mu'tazilah. And check here for the 3 pillars in a variety of languages. This document is constantly changing and the latest version is available at www.mutazilah.org.


Here is the ideology that needs to be exported to the Middle East in order to have world freedom:
I am AGAINST racism.
I am AGAINST sexism.
I am AGAINST religious discrimination.
I am AGAINST nationalism and national bigotry.
I am AGAINST aggregation (e.g. discriminating against people whose surname begins with "E").
I am AGAINST non-humanist behaviour.
I am AGAINST dogma.
I am AGAINST subjugation.
I do not dwell on the past.
I have empathy for strangers.
I protect strangers.
I fiercely protect my friends.
I will be best friends with anyone in the world, regardless of race, religion, sex or nationality.
I RESPECT INDIVIDUALS who VOLUNTARILY donate to COMPLETE STRANGERS (ie different race, different sex, different religion, different nationality - true altruism) using their OWN HARD-EARNED MONEY.
I will FIGHT using my BRAIN subjugation of ANY HUMAN.