1. When someone complains about something, e.g. being sick, don't just respond to that one person. Step outside the globe and look at the whole earth to see if this problem has multiple people suffering from the same, or similar problem, and come up with a plan to allocate world resources in such a way that that problem can be prioritized and fixed.

  2. As per the enlightenment document, the world needs to reach a point where we are tribal along purely ideological lines, rather than race/religion/sex/nationality, and then we need to have a Cold War for the best ideology to triumph.

  3. As per pdpgoal.txt, huge amounts of effort is being volunteered in the programming arena, but it's all going to waste as people use the GPL etc instead of making it public domain.

  4. Governments around the world should be using their R&D budgets (e.g. the CSIRO in Australia) to produce an alternative to Windows on the PC and MVS on the mainframe. See PDOS/386 and PDOS/390 for attempts at doing that as an individual instead of a research department.

  5. Our species should be united (after the ideological Cold War) and go to literal war with other species (bacteria/viruses) that are attacking us. Our militaries designed to be used against our own species should be reduced to near-zero once the world is free and is more-or-less united under the ideology of freedom. Other species include aliens from extrasolar planets, so we need to build up the world's superweapons too. This is a hard concept to sell to nurturing women, who effectively control our modern militaries since they are under civilian control.

  6. The reason NATO countries come together is not because the US forces them to do so. It is because they are a collection of anti-subjugators and non-subjugators uniting against any theoretical subjugator. Russia's behaviour makes it look like a subjugator, which is why Russians detect hostility.

  7. Now that the “normal” Cold War is over and NATO is unbelievably strong, we should be falling over ourselves trying to be nice to Russia. The free world should open its ports and straits to Russian warships.

  8. Christians should convert to Islam and atheists should “tentatively adopt” the God hypothesis as unproven but possible, and also convert to Islam. This will prevent an unnecessary war between Muslims and Christians. We instead need a war between Muslims and Muslims. Make it as easy as possible for “good” Muslims to join “our” side, by simply being Muslims, as a tentative “belief”. No principles need to be sacrificed by becoming a Muslim. Islam can be made as flexible as Christianity, where even belief in God doesn't seem to be a prerequisite.

  9. We need to work on a “Life on Earth Version 2”, and come up with a plan for countries to start driving on the right hand side of the road, for US English to be adopted across the globe, and for the US/UK to be metricated, and for the whole world to adopt the ISO YYYY-MM-DD date format, and no-one should use seasons to refer to dates, e.g. “Spring 2014” which varies between the northern and southern hemisphere and very confusing.

  10. After an enormous amount of effort, MVS file types have been adequately abstracted to fit into the C paradigm. See System380.txt for more information.

  11. In a family unit, men can be enslaved by the wife withdrawing sex. Prostitutes should be considered angels for liberating men from slavery.

  12. Since GCC was ported to MVS et al, we can now say that we have a universal language for computers – C, aka ISO/IEC 9899:1990. It took an enormous engineering effort to make that happen.

  13. There are some people, possibly for genetic reasons, who are very bad money managers. The government should have a scheme whereby every person has access to $100 or similar “emergency funds”, and they are required to repay that. So for people who live with no savings at all, there is a lifeline. Call it “angel bank”, as the bank acts as a guardian angel.

  14. The necessity for the Iraq war is deep and complex. Primarily it was required to extract some vital data about “evolutionary psychology” from this group of people. In order to understand humans, so that humanity can live in peace and freedom for millenia to come.

  15. We need to arrange warfare so that we can send a single plane over a country to drop a noise bomb, and the population starts defecting (not deserting) en-masse, once they know they have overwhelming air power on their side. People should recognize UAVs and know that they are safe when they see them, and can surrender/defect to the UAV.

  16. In order to answer questions like “if there is a god, where is he?”, we should have the “computer simulation” model taught. See the movie “The Thirteenth Floor”. This provides an excellent model for answering that question.

  17. Three-way diffs (as opposed to the normal 2-way) should be taught at university for about a week, as this is one of the great breakthroughs in computer science, that is a very well kept secret. 3-way diffs form the basis of version control systems like CVS/SVN.

  18. While ever Russia and China and Pakistan and North Korea maintain hostile nuclear weapons, we should have a plan to recover from a nuclear war. Possibly with humans in space or on the moon or on Mars. With complete instructions on how to kick-start humanity again, this time without opponents to the free world.

  19. Countries that outlaw prostitution are not really free. It makes no sense at all that a girl is allowed to have sex for free, but not be able to ask for money. Prostitutes provide an outlet for lonely/ugly men and should be considered angels.

  20. Pornography should be allowed. It makes no sense that it is legal to DO all the things on the video, but it is not allowed to WATCH those same things.

  21. Americans are stupid for thinking that their pea-shooters are enough to hold back a modern military like the US military, and that their pea-shooters make them the only free nation on earth. It's especially stupid that 15 year old girls are not allowed to be armed, so even lose the ability to run away from an 18 year old carrying a gun. Guns are not more of a sign of freedom than knives anyway. You may as well say that Americans are not free because they can't even carry RPGs, nevermind nuclear bombs.

  22. We need to fight an eternal war. Constantly scouring the horizon looking for the slightest chance that someone or something might take away our freedom. We were born to fight. We need to fight. Video games shooting aliens should be encouraged. Keep up the good work.

  23. Stopping terrorism by increasing airline security is missing the point completely. You can't stop an individual from picking up a weapon and killing his neighbour. Hearts and minds need to be won. The 2003 Iraq War was one step (data gathering) in an ideological war against anyone who might wish to murder YOU, including your neighbour (no matter what his race, religion or nationality is).

  24. In Anglophone countries, the education system should have English lessons that require students to understand difficult accents (Indian, Glaswegian etc). Also consider teaching Esperanto as a second language, so that the Anglophones are standing by ready for whenever the rest of the world wishes to switch from English to Esperanto. Probably poll the rest of the world first, if they would like to see English replaced with Esperanto. Maybe it's not important to them.

  25. Worldwide racism against whites is never discussed and never acknowledged as even existing, when it's one of the main causes for the world being a mess, as everyone tries to blames innocent whites for everything that is wrong.

  26. Most Muslims are religious bigots, and it is the fact that they are religious bigots, not the fact that they are Muslim, that is the problem. There's nothing wrong with being anti-religious bigots. It is in fact noble.

  27. The world has all but been won already. All the US president needs to do is nod his head, and most of the world can be freed swiftly militarily. Don't worry about the data gathering effort in Iraq, which is too difficult to explain here. Think Libya (no foreign troops required after the battlefield success), except taking a maximum of 3.5 weeks per country (what Iraq took for initial battlefield success).

  28. The US did not lose in Vietnam. See the forum.

  29. The USSR did not lose in Afghanistan. See the forum.

  30. Glorious guerillas do not win wars. That is a myth promoted by Soviet and US propaganda. Cold hard analysis reveals otherwise.

  31. The scientific method should be taught at school. Double-blind placebo-controlled experiments etc.

  32. Logic should be taught at school. Logical fallacies like argumentum ad fidem.

  33. Car crashes kill an enormous number of people, which no-one seems to care enough about to e.g. bad private car travel. We can say that life is demonstrably cheap (or low-priced). This gives us some sort of “life budget”. We should be able to wage wars of liberation without people whinging about accidental deaths. If people genuinely care about accidental deaths (but apparently not in their own country) it can be a condition of war that for x years after the war, private car travel in the target country is banned, until the deaths have been compensated for. Or just let the target population breed more people. Whatever is required to authorize a war according to very bizarre anti-war “logic”.

  34. In a country with social security, like Australia, we should consider killing people who are deliberately inflicting harm on society, adding insult to injury. The rights of the next victim should be considered higher than any rights the criminal just forfeited.

  35. The education system should be changed so that people are taught in the style of http://www.cracked.com

  36. People should watch “The Lighthorsemen” to inspire them to fight.

  37. Blake's 7 is far superior to Star Trek.

  38. The Young Ones and Fawlty Towers and Black Adder and Men Behaving Badly and The Simpsons are really great comedies. And “The Life of Brian”.

  39. The software industry is fundamentally flawed in that there is only budget for new features, not for fixing bugs. Software bugs should instead be a case of “oh my god, you personally encountered a bug? You're one of only 3 people in the world who managed that last year. Here's your $1 million bounty”.

  40. Mindlessly pouring money into a black hole in Africa is a harmful act which should be stopped, followed by root cause analysis. It is far better to attack man-made problems like the Iraqi dictatorship, which only need a once-off cost to be paid.

  41. Colonialism was the best thing to ever happen to the 3rd world.

  42. Turkey or maybe Libya should take military lead of NATO, not the Europeans and Americans. Now that Europe is secure we need to put a Muslim face on NATO and strengthen the free world's defences by inviting Tunisia, Libya and Iraq to join, as secular capitalist liberal democracies.

  43. Check out “Confessions of a Russian Nationalist” for a plan on how to move humanity forward. It turns out that people are living in parallel world based on perspective.

  44. The US government should be funding a “Manhattan Project 2” designed to find the root cause of terrorism. I could then email the project with my findings. And the findings on http://www.seconddraft.org too.

  45. There is a god (or rather there is a female part of your brain that is designed to deceive you into believing there is a god, and you can act as if there really is a god and get the same result). Don't ask me how I know, because it is not scientifically verifiable. Message 666 on Sept 11, 2004 is scientifically verifiable though, but can be dismissed by the Law of Large Numbers.

  46. It is very interesting that you can do all your interaction via the internet, which all goes through the internet router in your home, which can theoretically be intercepted by the CIA, so that everything you know about the world is a complete lie from the CIA. All the people you think you are talking to could be CIA operatives. It is good to deliberately restrict your information to just what is available via the router (without double-checking it via phone calls or physical visits), so that all your “knowledge” is forced to be tentative.

  47. After 9/11, America should have been able to try doing absolutely nothing, as a first step in data gathering. See if the rest of the world said “I don't know why the US is doing nothing, but the US is innocent, and we cannot stand for attacks on the innocent ourselves. So even though the US is acting bizarrely, we are going to go to Afghanistan/Iraq ourselves to reverse the anti-American ideology”. The rest of the world would have failed the test. The entire world needs to hang its head in shame. The world should have done that for any country, e.g. the attacks on India. But for America in particular, the world should have said “America, you have done enough for the free world already. The remaining issues are relatively easy to deal with, please let us deal with them ourselves”.

  48. Countries should compete based on what they did to free the world. At one point Australia was able to say that it was the only country that had turned up to every international war on time, which was good to know. But Australia's contribution to Iraq was too low and Australia withdrew too early. Australia is not the best. Australia should be reorganizing its military so that we don't send expensive planes etc overseas, but have troop numbers available to deploy overseas. Australian territorial defence should be completely abandoned (just like Iceland does perfectly fine). Australia's allies would have a field day destroying anyone who attacked Australia (just as Iceland).

  49. It is ironic that Christians are meant to LOVE their ENEMY yet Christians around the world, ardent Christians like the South Americans, instead HATE the COMPLETELY INNOCENT North Americans (USA).

  50. People should get their social status from how kind (and effective) they are to strangers, rather than how big/expensive their house is etc.

  51. Capitalism is not a man-made system. It is the NATURAL state of humanity. There is no-one in control of what price oranges are sold for. It is not surprising that something that is natural (not forced) is better than any alternative that has ever been tried. The next time someone has a “bright idea” of implementing a social experiment like communism, please test it on a hippy farm, or at most, a smallish country (just one) instead of letting it run rife across the globe.

  52. We should probably not have speed limits. Let traffic flow at its natural speed. There's no evidence that interfering with the natural speed helps. Certainly I've never seen any government actually scientifically test the impact of speed limits. To scientifically test speed limits, to my mind, would require governments to do drastic things like shifting the speed limit from 100km/hr to 50km/hr then up to 200km/hr to try to get some valuable data on whether lives are being saved – visible on a graph. If the government wishes to raise revenue they should instead position police at any intersection and fine anyone who doesn't give the proper advance notice of making a turn, which is a limitless source of revenue to tap into.

  53. When someone commits a crime, such as drink driving, or driving while tired, they should just be charged with that actual act, not what the consequences are. Whether the consequences are zero or heinous is irrelevant. The consequences are completely random, and charging people for being unlucky is a crime itself. Gary Hart, who caused a train derailment with his car, is such a victim (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Heck_rail_crash).

  54. A lot of the time people will make a statement like “The English are whingers”, which rings alarm bells in my mind, because I know what science requires to make such a statement. First of all you need a way of measuring whinging level. Can it be measured in a scale of 1 to 10? Are statements collected over a 3 month period? And did you or someone else do a statistically valid poll when collating such data?

  55. Anyone making a statement like “Mugabe is a great leader” should be required to permanently exchange places with someone in Zimbabwe suffering under this allegedly “great leader”. That way the person making the statement can be closer to their hero, while the person with a brain can have some cosmic justice.

  56. You should live life as if there is in fact cosmic justice and that at an arbitrary point in time, God will decide that it is time for everyone to exchange places, so that someone in Australia will need to trade places with someone in Iran. This should provide the incentive to actually liberate Iran before you end up being there yourself.

  57. Make a conscious effort to clear your brain of everything you have been “taught”, as you have probably been grossly fooled by things like “Santa Claus”. Only let back things that have some sort of scientific backing for them, so that your brain can be used as a human computer.

  58. Someone asked me when I first accepted the idea that all humans are equal. I had to explain that we are actually raised in Australia to believe that whites/Christians/Australians are WORSE than foreigners (who are all perfect) and that we need to improve ourselves. It was only when I was an adult when I got to meet enough foreigners that I found out that I had been taught a pack of lies and the reality was the opposite. But the lie had already had the desired effect of clearing loyalty towards race/religion/nationality.

  59. Following the scientific method, there is ostensibly no god that interferes with humans. As such, do not wait for God to fix things on earth. Be God yourself. Ie do everything you think a god would do if he were constrained by the same financial etc constraints that you yourself are constrained by.

  60. The system of churches is fundamentally flawed in that they ask for donations. A lesson I learnt from the Auburn Gallipoli mosque is that they never ask for donations. Even the zakat must be paid directly to the poor and not to be used for the upkeep of the mosque. It makes sense. Anyone who can afford a huge church with fancy stained glass windows should also be able to afford a 1 bedroom unit that can produce an income to pay for the upkeep of the church. There should be a new philosophy (current philosophy for Islam) that places of worship shouldn't solicit money as if they are secretly fronts for money-making ventures.

  61. It is imperative that enemy countries at least be democracies. Not just for the human rights of the people in those countries, but because when we go to war with them, or apply sanctions on them, it will be the people who suffer, so the people need to actually be somewhat accountable for their actions. Under a dictatorship we will actually be killing victims.

  62. Decent men are programmed with a primary directive of “protect women”. When a non-decent man like Saddam orders that a woman be raped, or Uday abducts and rapes one, decent men take that as a very personal affront and respond violently. They don't go to anti-war protest marches. Men or women who think that the “women's liberation” movement absolved men of their primary directive completely misunderstand “liberation”.

  63. Every single person on the planet should be formally committed, via an organization such as NATO, to protect the human rights of every other person on the planet.

  64. When programming on MSDOS, think of how the program will work on MVS for both F and V datasets. When programming on MVS, think of how the CRLF will be treated. When programming on Unix, think of both. This will ensure you program in a portable manner.

  65. History should not be taught at school. The biggest lesson we can learn from history is that people who hold historical grudges are doomed to create conflict again and again and again. The cycle needs to be broken. What should instead be taught is current state of play, worldwide, and where we want to end up, worldwide. History should be taught at Uni for those who wish to be involved in strategizing how to get the world from A to B, as history has some great lessons on strategy. The two main things to be learnt from history are how the Romans defeated the Carthagians after first convincing them to disarm, and how Chamberlain jeopardized the freedom of the entire free world by waving around a piece of paper while saying “there will be peace in our time” - with the UK and US having essentially disarmed without anyone even needing to convince them first. If you insist on teaching history at school, then highlight the bad things that your country has done, so that the students become humble and non-nationalistic. And only highlight the good things from other countries, so that children have nice thoughts about foreigners instead of hating them.

  66. Western cynicism is very very useful and should be nurtured. But ultimately it is wrong on the question of whether there is a god(s) or not, so credulity in certain Eastern places has an essential role to play as well. Well, some would say that it is the atheists that are the credulous ones. Regardless, atheists and theists arguing for eternity is the best model for the universe.

  67. Indian food is the best. Chinese second.

  68. Treat each physical human body as if it was a god. But go to war with the bad ideologies/ideas being expressed by that body. But never claim to definitely have the moral high ground. Not even God can be trusted to have that, given the fact that he allows so many atrocities to occur on earth, just to prove a point about humans.

  69. People should not be playing online games like “farmville” or whatever it's called. They should instead be doing social experiments with people in the third world using their own money. Round up some prostitutes via Yahoo Messenger or whatever, and see what works and what doesn't as far as alternatives to capitalism are concerned (ie fund some kooky hippy farm project).

  70. Listening to Hizb ut Tahrir's controversial hate speech every Friday incenses me, but at least it's in English and gets a reaction out of me, rather than the peace and tolerance message preached in presumably Turkish at the Auburn Gallipoli mosque and boring churches etc.

  71. Don't advocate/petition for things you don't believe in, because you were paid or have some other ulterior motive. It spoils democracy.

  72. If you want something, you need to be brave enough to ask for it. Don't be ashamed to ask for something from God (if he/she/it existed), God's alleged representative (if he/she/it existed), or from the media/flyers. Stand in the street with a sign if you have to. That's what God himself would likely resort to doing if he/she/it had a website and if he/she/it wanted it to be read.

  73. Anyone can be a god if they want to be. It's just a matter of protecting others to the full extent possible. Put your life/job on the line whenever a reasonable opportunity presents itself. You must also be humble. Even if you think you are the greatest, defer credit to others, by saying “you are the greatest” to them. And you must always deny that you are a god, at least in public. Allow plausible deniability at all times. And remember that sometimes when you lose, you win – and sometimes when you win, you lose.

  74. People who try to ban abortion are arseholes. There should be 100 million billion trillion protests against Iranian girls being raped by their own government so that they don't go to Heaven before there is a single protest against something that doesn't exist as a self-aware object. It is also disgraceful that American dogs have more protection of their rights than Iranian girls. It would be good if Westerners could place Iranian girls somewhere between Western dogs and Western humans in their list of concerns.

  75. The best form of foreign aid is smart bombs used in wars of liberation. We should terminate all other foreign aid and concentrate on bringing good governance to the countries that you wish to provide aid for.

  76. Estonia (and in particular, a native Russian speaker) should be made the lead of NATO, and should negotiate with Russia in the Russian language.

  77. Babies around the world should be given a tape of someone with a neutral English accent (e.g. Dolph Lundgren) that contains a couple of sentences with every sound in the English language for them to repeat by rote in order to get an ice-cream etc. So these sentences defacto become part of their mother tongue for when they learn English later in life. Something similar to what was done in “Mission Impossible 3”.

  78. People should be far more concerned about the welfare of unemployed people in the third world than they are (purportedly) about the wage of manufacturing workers (and the wages of other jobs like hairdressers never comes up either).

  79. We will not have world peace even if we kill all Arabs and all Muslims. There will still be rogue nations like Argentina that wish to annex the Falkland Islands (already a liberal democracy with human rights respected) instead of being concerned about those living under cruel dictators like Iraq under Saddam. Even killing all non-Americans won't work, as Timothy McVeigh demonstrated.

  80. Non-English-speakers have a very obvious second language to learn - English. But it is unclear what second language native English speakers should learn. I suggest that the British and Canadians learn French, the Americans learn Spanish and the Australians and New Zealanders learn Chinese (only pin ying, not Chinese characters). This will be a concession to those countries in return for them being more willing to e.g. using English as the sole working language of the EU to improve world efficiency. The French also need to be satisfied that they had a significant effect on the English language, and that it is their metric system that replaced the measurement system previously used by English-speakers.

  81. South Africa under white minority rule was FAR better than Iraq under Saddam minority rule, or Libya under Gaddafi minority rule, but most of the world was only concerned about South Africa, due to blatant anti-white racism. Mandela was evil for being friends with the Libyan dictator Gaddafi. Most Africans, and the world in general are evil for giving a pass to black dictators and reserving their hatred to what is, at worst, a white dictator.

  82. Although people entered their current religion with absolutely no supernatural proof, they are very skeptical of other religions, and will not switch to a possibly better religion unless they are provided with supernatural proof. The world would be better if people were equally as skeptical about their own religion as they are about other religions, and then chose to become atheists or agnostics or theists without a specific religion.

  83. The Argentinians were willing to attack a peaceful liberal democracy. This behavior is not remotely following Jesus's example. This behavior is in fact following Mohammad's behavior. The Argentinians should be honest and say that they are Muslims, not Christians. The next campaign is then to convert them from (bad) mainstream Islam where attacking and enslaving innocents is fine, to the Mu'tazilah sect of Islam where fighting is used to spread liberal democracy, not spread dictatorship and bad governance.

  84. The Americans were very bad for recognizing Kosovo as an independent country. Normally the actions that the US takes is to spread liberal democracy making the world a better place. The 1999 action against the Yugoslav dictatorship was the right thing to do. But when Serbia became a democracy, and there was no threat to the human rights of Kosovars, the US should have refused to recognize the annexation of territory by a bunch of Muslim religious bigots. Also the US should not have betrayed Russia who succeeded in getting Yugoslavia to surrender the territory.

  85. It is grossly hypocritical of the anti-war protesters to wear Che Guevara hats etc. In actual fact they are in favor of war when the war is a bad thing like spreading communist dictatorship. They're only against war when when it is a good thing that is against their worldview, namely replacing a cruel dictatorship like Saddam with a liberal democracy.

  86. There is a huge lie, part of the Soviet propaganda, that Nazism is right-wing. It is not. It is another failed left-wing ideology. “Nazi” means “national SOCIALIST”. Socialism is left-wing, not right-wing. Right-wing is capitalism and low taxes and low government services. A right-wing extremist would be someone who wants zero taxes and zero government services. This has nothing to do with Nazism. The Soviets did a really good job of getting almost 100% of westerners to believe this “big lie”.

  87. The English language should change so that we stop saying “Japanese Yen” and instead say “Japanese dollars” or “Japanese currency”. The “yen” symbol should be replaced by “$”. Ditto for all other currencies like British dollars. The Japanese are free to say “US yen” in their own language. This is English.

  88. People in any country, e.g. Australia, often complain about “poverty”, and blame their situation on the rich or the government. They should instead put primary responsibility on their parents who had no right whatsoever to bring a child into poverty, and they should ensure that this alleged injustice dies out with them, by not having children of their own.

  89. A principle that should be adhered to always is that every child is born without sin. No law should be passed that violates this principle and hurts the innocent child, even after that child has grown to an adult. An example of this is blacks suggesting that whites pay them reparations for slavery that they never even experienced. Much of the world looks upon white babies as having copious quantities of blood dripping from their hands which precludes any chance of true peace in the world.

  90. It is not fair to judge socialism as a textbook theory while judging capitalism by its necessarily imperfect real-world examples. (From Dan Hannan: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/in-venezuela-the-destructive-force-of-socialism-is-at-work/article/2627885)

  91. Non-native English speaking countries like Sweden should make 5-10% of their movies in English so as they have something to compete on the global market.