Personality Links.

You know how everyone has their story about fortune-tellers, and everyone knows a bit, everyone knows their star sign, many read their horoscope. Then there's the Chinese year of the pig/sheep/short-nosed-long-tailed-webbed-foot-possum, as if the population of the world can be divided into 7 categories, based purely on your year of birth, or in some variations, on the birth date and time.

Well, I hope there's no-one reading this that's just been shattered, presumably just as it was when they found out that the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the 15 million choices of gods to choose from, all turned out to be a complete crock of shit, but I'm afraid the above are a load of crud too. Which will come as welcome news for us year-of-the-goat-ers, for whom the forecast was that we would (simulateously) die horrendous deaths at the hands of sword-wielding Ninjas with AIDS.

Strangely, almost, there IS actually a way to categorize people into nice, neat categories, and everyone who falls into those categories is completely 100% identical, even down to the number of false teeth in their mouth. Well, not quite, but shockingly accurate anyway. I didn't believe a word of it myself, as the test categorizes you into 16 different categories, and if 1 in 16 people were anything like me, they must have all migrated to New Zealand when I was asleep or something, because I never met them.

As it turned out, the categories aren't 1/16 of the population in each, it is variable, and I happen to be in one that is less than 1% of the population, which helped explained why I was the only one I knew who on a bright, sunny day would stay at home with the curtains drawn and the light on, writing messages to people I'd never met, whilst everyone else was down at the beach getting skin cancer, or down at the pub losing brain cells and getting lung cancer whilst engaging in inane conversations with completely boring people like themselves.

Incidentally, one day I asked the people in the "newsgroup" I was involved in to do the test, and guess what, I found the "missing" <1% of the population that had been lost, presumed migrated to NZ. The other people who were happy to spend hours and days and weeks arguing with other people they'd never met, were the same other people, if you can bother to make sense out of that.

The world would probably be more tolerant if we understood where the other person was coming from, it's essentially who they are, it may not be the most obvious thought that enters your head - that they're having a go at you, trying to put you down, etc.

So, if you're interested in finding out who you are, or even if you're not, I couldn't give a shit what you're interested in you mealy-mouthed maggot, I only put this up here so that I had some links to click on myself, here are some links to follow.

Click here for the personality test.

Click here for results about your category.

Click here for more results about your category.