The major impetus of the Mu'tazilah ideology is as follows:

1. Convert every country of the world into a liberal democracy (similar to Taiwan) so that we can have both freedom and true peace in the world.

2. Restructure NATO forces so that they can support militia from the air instead of needing NATO ground forces to liberate a country. (ie be in a better position to repeat the Libyan campaign).

3. Position or restructure NATO to be a humanitarian organization so that people will be more willing to accept NATO ground forces as required. (so that Libya could have been won in days or weeks rather than months).

4. Once worldwide liberal democracy is achieved, greatly reduce military spending, or even disband militaries and use the savings for something more constructive such as cancer research.

5. Worldwide liberal democracy should retain the capability to intervene in any country, including America, if that country has a military coup or similar.