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Read that document if you want to have less money spent on the military and more money spent on scientific research to prevent tragedies like MH370 etc etc.

If you are an American, please read: Thanks America

If you are French, please read: Merci France

To help protect America from terrorism (and not just America, but victims of hijacking like MH370), please sign this petition. Also please ask your friends and family to sign it as well. I need 150 signatures just to make it visible on the public Whitehouse site. Petition currently active.

Results from Afghan election can be found here in spreadsheet form.

In the battle between good and evil, the Australian government has made it illegal to fund, join etc the Free Syrian Army. If you're an Australian citizen wanting to help the Syrian rebels, click here. If you saw me when I was protesting at Auburn at the NSW council elections, click here to see if you got a mention. Since I get asked a lot - no, I'm not of Syrian descent, I'm of English/Scottish descent, and I was born in Brisbane, but have now spent more time in my adopted land of NSW, so I'm a Blue's supporter now. But when brave Syrians have put their life on the line (showing more Australian spirit than most Australians will ever have), and have gone to the trouble of writing signs *in English* saying "SOS" and "HELP" and "NO FLY ZONE" as opposed to "sit on your couch watching us die", anyone who fails to respond to that plea for assistance is not an Australian in my book, no matter what their passport or birth certificate says. After 9/11, a French newspaper declared "we are all Americans". Sure. And now we're all Syrians. Note that Americans had ZERO chance of success in their revolution without massive heavy-lifting from France.

If you saw me in the train, then you will probably be wondering what the foreign writing is all about. First of all, you may have seen this:

That writing is in Arabic and means "I love Syria". The reason I wear that is because I was inspired by this woman, who wrote "I love Libya" on her hands during the Libyan conflict. Actually I also wore one that said "I love Libya" during the Libyan revolution, which you can't see clearly here. Anyway, I wish to let the Syrian people know that I love them and that I think they are very brave for fighting in their revolution, and I wish I had control of Australia's military, because if I did, I would send it to help them. It's not just the Syrians and Libyans and Iraqis and Afghans that I love though. Way back on 1989-06-04 in the Tiananmen Square Massacre the Chinese people bravely stood up to try to win their freedom. I attended the protests in Sydney outside the Chinese consulate. That is the only protest I have ever been to. When I was there, a Chinese man gave me a headband, which had the following writing on it, which means "democracy":

And if you're wondering what that hand gesture means - it is the same gesture that was used in the Philippines revolution in 1986 - it is an "L" which stands for "Laban" which means "fight". They were fighting for their freedom. The other thing on my headband is "japan666.com". This does not have any meaning. It's just an easy to remember URL which redirects to my real URL. I tried many other things like xxx666.com but they were all taken. Apologies to any Japanese who don't like that, but your country is very easy to spell and remember.

Anyway, if you saw me on the train and would like me to explain to you why I do these things, please talk to me. Even if I'm listening to music, just nudge me to let me know you are interested. I'm happy to talk to both men and women from any nation and any religion (or no religion) about these things and we can be good friends. Do not worry about your English. I am very patient and very friendly. Don't just sit there thinking about it. Please let me know you would like to talk. If you still can't talk to me, then at least, please read my website and email me so that we can discuss it further.

The Mu'tazilah ideology/way of thinking (a derivative of secular humanism) has been set up by Paul Edwards to change the world once and for all along rational and humanist lines. For more information see the formal manifesto.

The following documents are in support of that overall aim:



Unsorted Ideas

Liberation Contract

Advance of Freedom

Australian Liberation Front

Power-point presentation on Humanism

Why Atheists should be Agnostic



Afghan War analysis

Iraq War analysis




Learn How to Program Computers

If you are a computer programmer, help fix the world of computers

Free Accommodation in Sydney

War Blog and email

Paul's unrelated stuff e.g. GPS/geocaching

There is also a public forum available.

Note that the name of the ideology is taken from an extinct sect of Islam that had an emphasis on science. This name was originally provided by an Iraqi Sunni Muslim by the name of Ali Fadhil, who was willing to call a white Australian atheist his "brother", demonstrating that the ideology of freedom transgressed such things as race, religion and nationality. Note that most Muslims do not accept Mu'tazilites as Islamic, nevermind people who merely subscribe to this ideology and have no intention of carrying out the traditional pillars of Islam. Islamic references are used to demonstrate how to "interpret" Islam to fit the Mu'tazilah ideology, but it is equally valid to "interpret" Christianity or Hinduism etc to fit the ideology too.